In every job interview session, the “tell me about yourself” question is the most frequently asked questions by hiring managers. Although this question is easy to answer, an inappropriate answer to this question may tell the difference between being hired and denied for the job. The “tell me about yourself” question is a quick summary about yourself, which includes your personality, skills and capabilities. What the employer wants to know is how your personal atnulltributes can be significant for the job. As iTrabaho team offer listings on different jobs in the Philippines >> link, we want to extend our service by providing our readers and members some tips on how to tackle this common job interview question correctly.

“Tell me about yourself,” “Describe yourself”,or ” What do you want me to know about you?” are just some examples on how this question is asked to applicants. So, how do we ideally answer this question?

It is best to prepare for this question ahead of time. List down some of your skills, capabilities and qualities that you think will increase your chances of being hired.

– When answering this question, always try to look for ways to sell yourself but avoid inserting any negative things about yourself. What you will be talking about will depend on what you have prepared to share to the interviewer.

– Always have a true and honest answer. Do not add false color to your personality.

– Be precise in giving information and start providing details about oneself. This includes your name, age, address, where you live, how you were raised, past experiences, previous jobs and, etc….However, do not talk too much on what is printed on your online resume.

– Insert your decent qualities and characteristics that are relevant to the job. Tell the employer that you are very hardworking, flexible, can learn things easily, honest, diligent, and other excellent adjectives that you can tag to yourself. However, avoid rambling about characteristics that are irrelevant to the job position.

– The employer will furthermore like to hear your interests and hobbies. In this part, you can as well state your talents, hobbies and interests.

Answering this type of question is easy if you have prepared enough. Do some research on your qualities and skills that will match the requirements of the job.